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V8 Plus Recording Live Mobile Sound Card With Bluetooth 0
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Model: V8PLUS Material: metal Chip: Two noise reduction DSP chips Size: 133mm X 66mm X 11.5mm Weight: 0.6 kg Lithium power: 1000 mAh (12 hours of continuous use when fully charged) Plug: 3.5MM Color: Black Charging 5V/2A SKU: XA-DIG-V8P Description Xtreme Acoustic V8 Plus Recording Live Mobile Sound Card With Bluetooth Recording live has never been easier with this Mobile sound card. This Mobile sound card is perfect for usage at Home, KTV, Stage Performance, Conference, Speech, Interview. Its unique ability is to process and output multiple independent voices or sounds simultaneously. It has a wide array of features and supports wide variations of external output. It comes with 12 levels of electric sound and 12 different sound effects. These sound effects can be adjusted in 6 different modes. You can adjust the reverb size, microphone volume, treble and bass, recording volume, music volume as well as monitor volume. The sound card supports Bluetooth connectivity. It can also be connected to mobile phones and computers, headphones, headsets, musical instruments and condensers, and dynamic microphones. Package includes: Live line x 1 Accompaniment line x 1 Charging Computer line x 1 Manual warranty card x 1
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V8 Plus Recording Live Mobile Sound Card With Bluetooth

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Rajeev Scaria
Rajeev Scaria
عضو منذ يونيو 2019
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